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Default Finally Got it Right....and best value

Over the years, I've had 3 prior mustangs to my new 2013 Mustang GT. I truly think they got this one RIGHT! I was originally looking go with the coveted GT500, but after seeing and driving the new GT Premium....what more does one practically need....ok, bad comment, one can always use MORE horsepower! Bang for the buck, the GT wins out over the Shelby.....I mean when the dealer was asking 30K over sticker for the GT500 in the showroom, not sure that's a great deal.....got my GT for dealer invoice........

I'm not bashing the Shelby by any means, I'd still love to have that car, but for most working folks, it would seem that the GT is the better value based on HP per dollar spent, not to mention the insurance costs......Here's the math....$90K/660 hp = $136/hp for the Shelby, $37K/420 hp = $88/hp.....a bargain even considering I got almost every conceivable option(nav, track package, side scoops, louvers, 19" wheels, etc)......Even if one somehow convinced the dealer to only pay sticker for the Shelby, the math would work out to be $91/hp.

Happy Driving to all Mustangs out there!

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