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jaded13640 06-13-2016 01:23 PM

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I'm doing a motor change on a 99 mustang GT with the 4.6. The fuse block power cable is connected via the nut but it looks like these other two wires on one connector go there also. I normally remember that stuff pretty well but this one had a gob of aftermarket stuff on it and the job went from being a 1 to 2 day deal to a week. And now I don't remember where those two wires connect. Given the length of the harness it appears that they would go there but I don't remember removing anything other than the main power cable. It may go to the battery, it may even go to ground...I just can't remember, I'm at the point of finishing this up and don't know where this connector goes.

This is extremely time sensitive so I'm going to leave my phone number. Please call me if you know where that connect. I'm in a real pickle here.

Thanks in advance,


I don't know why but my photo doesn't seem to have attached.

It's two light grey wires that come together on 1 connector and it's the same size eyelet as the cable that goes onto that stud on the power block. I'll try to upload the file again.

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